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About Our Team

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Jessica De Las Cuevas

Jessica De Las Cuevas

Firm’s Administrator
Jessica received extensive legal experience before co-founding HLG PLLC, and now serves as the firm’s Administrator and Managing Paralegal. Her specialties are bankruptcies, foreclosure defense and mortgage modifications.

Mailen Perez

Mailen Perez

Mailen uses her considerable multitasking skills and customer service experience to help families in transition by providing detailed support to the attorneys and her clients.

Brandon Barker

Brandon Barker

Associate Attorney

Jennifer De Las Cuevas

Jennifer De Las Cuevas

Real Estate Case Manager
Jennifer De Las Cuevas was born in Havana, Cuba of Cuban parents and shorty after, in the year 1998, came to the United States to reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is currently a student at Florida Atlantic University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with future plans for Law School.

Danit Demaio

Danit De Maio

Immigration Case Manager
Danit De Maio was born in Israel. She is fluent in Hebrew and English. She has over 10 years of experience in the immigration field and has established a huge network of clients all over the United States.

Sam Enamorado

Sam Enamorado

Case Manager
Sam Enamorado received his 220 insurance license, real estate license and life insurance license. He has been a tax and insurance advisor for the last 15 years as well as a legal case manager and paralegal. He is married with three small children. He also owns and coaches a semi professional soccer team. He is actively involved in the Latin community by volunteering in many areas of the community.


Client Relations Manager
Born in South Florida. Her skill set includes dealing with important document review, working with the concerns of clients and office disciplinary actions.


Human Relations Manager
Born on the streets of West Palm Beach,began working for the firm as Olivia’s assistant. Now he is the official lap sitter of the office. Fitzgerald, aka Fitz, makes sure he visits every office for the daily cuddles and purrs. He is in charge of keeping spirits up to optimize productivity. Fitz’s motto is “You aren’t a client if I haven’t sat on your lap.”


Born on the streets of Lake Worth. She began at the firm as a temporary fixture. Little might be little, but that allows for her to sneak around to make sure the office is secure. You will often see her running from room to room to ensure no intruders have penetrated the perimeter. When she is not patrolling the halls, she is Jennifer’s personal secretary.

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We are with you through the whole process. Our office is like an extended family for our clients.

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We aspire to think outside the box allowing us to get the results our clients are looking for.

Advanced Technology

Our office is fitted with up to date technology allowing us to take care of your case in the most optimum way. We pride ourselves on being a green office!

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Have a questions? Call us. We are here to help put you at ease through the stressful time of dealing with the legal system.

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